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You'll find almost any style of office chair here for less, from the best executive office chairs, to leather, mesh, wood, fabric, task, ergonomic, guest etc. you name it. We have daily office chair discounts on our site. We only offer the best quality discounted office chairs, with durability, low cost, and style wrapped up in one. Our ergonomic office chairs are brand new in unopened boxes shipped daily from our warehouse. We have everything from inexpensive mesh chairs to higher end executive traditional leather styles, drafting, ergo, wood, and more. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us, thank you for shopping and buying at Office Chairs For Less.

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  • Low Prices- We have the best office chairs at the best prices that you'll find anywhere online. Also consider that we offer free shipping on all over discount priced office chairs, you're sure to save big at our site where everyday is an office chair sale day.
  • Free Shipping- We offer free shipping on all over office chairs, it doesn't matter which style of seat you choose you don't pay a penny more then the price that's listed, you don't have to worry about hidden fees or shipping charge surprises.
  • Same Day Delivery-When you order from us today, your order goes out the warehouse door the very same day, but please note we only deliver in the US only, we don't ship overseas.
  • Large Selection-As you've probably already noticed, we have a very large selection of office chairs, we carry every possible style and model of office chair.
  • Customer Service-You can call or email us any time, we're here to help you find the best possible office chair. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns and we'll be glad to help.
  • Reliable Company- We've been online for 8years and 2 generations offline, we have a brick and mortar store and warehouse.
  • Safe Secure Shopping- We take your privacy and security seriously, we have a 128bit SSL encrypted security we use in the checkout area, we don't store any private information, it's processed in real time. Our site is hosted in a Tier1 data center that has armed guards, man traps, secured bio-metric entry, security cameras etc. Customers can check order status from a secured login area.

General Types of Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs Ergonomic chairs typically have a couple more adjustments then a more traditional office chair, you'll be able to adjust your position better to come into an ergonomic posture, keep in mind though it's important that the chair fits you and your needs first. Typical adjustments of an ergonomic office chair are a tilt, back and overall height adjustments, seat slider, as you don't want the back of the chair pushing into the back of your knee, there should be about 3-4" of space between the edge of the seat cushion and back of your knee, and seat bottom adjustments so that you can get your hips slightly higher then your knees. Check out this ergonomic chair adjustment video at the bottom of the ergonomic office chairs category page. If you suffer from back, leg or neck pain, then an ergo chair is highly recommend, also if you work long hours in a chair, as health issues can develop over time with poor seating.

Leather office chairs Many people like the traditional look and durability of leather chairs in the office, it can be a great choice if you have a lot of clients that come visit you in the office and you want to make a good impression, also if you're not sitting all day then it's not as important to have as many adjustments as an ergo chair or task chair. Leather chairs come in all shapes, sizes and styles, you heave executive leather office chairs, and you have mid-back height chairs, and you have modern contemporary leather style design chairs that often mix materials of wood, mesh, plastic leather and metals. If you are sitting all day but also need the chair to look good we do have some very good looking leather executive style seats that have more adjustments then a more traditional type seat. An executive leather chair might not be the best choice if you work long hours, don't interact with clients at your desk, work in a warm environment, or are suffering from any type of back or neck pain. Another type of chair would be a better choice.

Executive office chairs Are the type of chair you think of when visit a lawyer's office or ceo, president, manger, boss etc, typically have a high back, leather pin cushion padding. Executive chairs, are great when you have customers or staff vi sting and meeting in your office frequently. Executive seats also can be bought with optional chairs that have the same look and feel and be for your guests or visitors, i.e. guest or side office style chairs. Depending on the type of office you have and the type of clients you have an executive chair might mean different things, for example a lawyer or ceo/president etc. of a law firm will probably go with a leather pin-cushion style leather executive chair, where the president of an architecture firm might go with a higher end mesh/leather chair, as comfort and design style are both equally important.

Mesh office chairs come with either a ventilated mesh back and or mesh seat bottom, some are a mixture of fabric or leather seat and mesh back. These can be comfortable and feel great when working many hours esp. in the summer or in warm offices it can really add a lot to the comfort and productivity level. Mesh chairs are very popular and come in many styles and price ranges. You'll want to make sure with a mesh seat that the bottom and back fit you properly as you're basically sitting in a hammock of sorts and if you're too close the edges the mesh chair's frame can cause discomfort, most people will fit most mesh chairs just fine, it's more of concern with people or larger dimensions that should take note.

Drafting chairs are very popular with individuals working from a raised desk, or counter etc. The drafting seat will adjust vertically much higher then a typical chair and often has a foot rest of one sort or other to rest your legs on when you're sitting in a raised position. A drafting stool is also great if you use a standing desk and want to be able to "sit" comfortably at your standing desk, so then you'll have a standing desk chair.

Task chairs are used in heavy use work situations where workers will be sitting most of the day and also could be working in multiple shifts through the entire day, so you can see these chairs will be need to be strong, durable and have lots of adjustments to suit more then one sized worker.

Big and tall office chairs, These seats are what you expect from the obvious name, they're big office chairs for people that are taller or bigger then average. We carry a nice selection of oversized office chairs. These chairs also can have extra adjustments to the arm width and and position to accommodate larger or taller individuals.

Stack chairs can be stacked one on top of the other and are a great space saver in multi-use rooms, where the size of the group or the purpose of the room may change. Stack chairs vary in material, but are typically meant for sitting on for short durations and offer you a way to provide low cost seating to large number of people. These chairs are popular with churches, schools, colleges, universities, non-profits, government agencies, GSA type buyers. You can use them as cheap guest chairs also, but keep in mind when a visitor comes to your office you'll want to make a good impression and a guest chair is probably a better choice for that application. We have stack chairs in plastic, leather or wood.

Guest, Waiting Room, Reception Chairs are typically used either as waiting room or reception type desks, and or in the office where you would meet clients and want a comfortable good looking chair. Guest office chairs, can be made from fabric, leather, mesh or wood, but typically have a lower back and arm rests and few if any adjustments, they're designed to look good and be comfortable for a shorter durations like a typically meeting length.

Things to look for when you buy office chairs online; ordering FAQ's

  1. Do they have the chair model, brand, design or style of seat you want?
    OfficeChairsForLess.com has hundreds of quality discount office chairs, we're sure to have a chair that fits you're needs.

  2. Do they have the chair at the right price? Some sites won't show you the total cost until you checkout. Others add handling fees etc.
    We have some of the best prices online esp. when you factor in our free shipping, and email, phone support.

  3. Do they offer free shipping?
    Yes, we offer free shipping on ALL of our chairs, and we ship orders out the same day you place your order, so you'll know you're going to receive your chair quickly.

  4. Do they ship all orders out the same day?

  5. Do they have a return policy, privacy policy and phone number and physical location?
    Yes we have a warehouse and store front in Pennsylvania

  6. Is their site site secure? Do they have SSL certificate, security, secure login area etc.
    Yes we use 128bit SSL security certificate, a secure login area and handle all of your private information with the great care.

  7. Do they have a brick and mortar store to provide sales and support form, or are they just working out of their garage?

  8. Have they been in business for more then a year?
    We've been in business for 2 generations now, and the OfficeChairsForLess.com site had been online since 2001, we're one of the oldest and most experienced office chair web sites online.

  9. Are they familiar with working your type of organization?
    We've dealt with everybody over the last 8 years, from individuals, all the way up to the biggest fortune 500 companies and GSA, government agencies, schools, hospital, churches, non-profits NGO, colleges, universities, hotels, conference centers etc.

  10. Do they accept the payment type you'd like to use?
    We accept all major credit cards and paypal as well.

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